Trademark Attorney in Scottsdale

One of the most valuable assets a business has is its brand. But what is in a brand? Is it the business’ name (i.e. Google, Walmart, State Farm), the business’ logo (i.e. Nike swoosh, Apple’s iconic apple, McDonald’s golden arches), or a combination of the two? And how does a business with an existing brand or a business that is working towards creating one, protect its brand from being usurped by its competitors? By federally registering its trademark. Hiring an experienced trademark attorney to file your trademark application is imperative to protecting your brand. If you are looking to protect your business’ brand, please call the experienced trademark attorneys at The Peddy Berg Law Firm to help.

Many businesses do not realize that simply registering one’s name with the Secretary of State, either through their incorporation paperwork or even a state tradename registration does not protect one of their most valuable assets. However, a federal trademark registration issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides your business with numerous important benefits and protections – which includes the ability to exclude anyone else from using your registered trademark. This is why it is so important to federally register your business’ trademark as early as possible and why a trademark attorney can be invaluable.

Although the trademark application is available online, most individuals and businesses are not familiar with the class/coding system of the USPTO and will therefore not select the most appropriate class and codes that will most aptly describe their trademarks and/or the substance of their business. Additionally, while there are a number of online services, like LegalZoom, that will file federal registrations for their customers, these services cannot provide you with any legal advice as to whether you should limit or expand the scope of services you claim are encompassed under the specific trademark to ensure a greater chance of approval; and/or give you any indication as to whether a trademark application will likely be approved by the USPTO. Ultimately, if you receive no advice or bad advice and your application is rejected, not only will you lose all of your fees (registration fees and the fees paid to the servicer), but in the meantime, someone may have filed an application to approve the trademark you were trying to register, thereby preventing you from also using that trademark without infringing on someone else’s trademark. An experienced trademark attorney will help guide you through the registration process, ask the right questions to get to know your business and select the classes/coding that will give you the best chance at having your trademark approved.

Let the experienced trademark attorneys at The Peddy Berg Law Firm help protect your business’ brand and identity. Most trademark applications are performed for a low flat fee. If you need an experienced trademark attorney, please contact The Peddy Berg Law Firm online or by calling (480) 382-3109.

The single largest source of intangible value in a company is its trademark,” says David Haigh, founder of Brand Finance, a brand-valuation consultancy.