Handling Your Contract Dispute

Contract Dispute

If you are involved in a contract dispute with another party or business, you should seek the assistance of an attorney in resolving the dispute before the situation escalates.   Although signing a contract should mean that your rights are protected and are spelled out in black and white, contract law can prove to be a surprisingly complex and challenging field.  While resolution through mediation or arbitration is always preferred, if a party to a contract chooses to challenge the validity of the agreement or takes exception to a clause believed to be improper or not legally binding, litigation may be the only way to put an end to the disagreement.

Contract dispute is one of the most common reasons people initiate legal proceedings.  Whether the contract involves buying, selling, or leasing of real estate; or deals with business-related issues, including breaches of vendor/customer contracts, partnership disputes, business divorces, or violation of non-compete or confidentiality agreements, a poorly written contract is almost as bad (and sometimes worse) than not having a written agreement at all.   If you have a poorly written contract or do not even have a contract, if a dispute arises during the course of performance, you may be facing an uphill battle in proving what the parties intended when you entered into the agreement.   Worse yet, if you had a verbal understanding and agreement as to the underlying terms of the agreement, but the written contract you’ve signed doesn’t reflect your prior agreement, you may be without a proverbial leg to stand on.

Unfortunately, each year many see their businesses fall by the wayside or experience legal hassles because they’ve signed poorly written or ill-advised documentation.  Hiring an experienced lawyer to assist you in reviewing and negotiating these types of contracts can save you from a headache and stress these situations cause; as well as save you thousands in legal fees and costs down the road.  Even intelligent, well-educated, and savvy business owners can be tripped up by clauses that go unnoticed; which could ultimately lead to a contract dispute such as leaving them unable to legally nullify their contract, take charge of their business dealings, and/or escape costly consequences of such clauses.  Don’t leave yourself unprotected or potentially liable for future litigation, fines, and negative publicity that may destroy your business and your reputation.

Even if you’ve done everything by the book, you may still find yourself in the midst of a contract dispute that has a major impact on your business dealings.  When this occurs, you’re going to be in need of a helping hand.  In some cases, the other side will have already retained legal counsel and is prepared to take the case in front of a judge, often in hopes of having the agreement nullified.  In those situations, you would be incredibly unwise to attempt to deal with such a dispute without your own legal team.

When there’s a risk of you losing the business you’ve worked so hard to build; risk of losing your investment; or risk of losing large sums of money, you simply cannot afford to do it alone.   At the first sign of trouble, call the Scottsdale attorneys at The Peddy Berg Law Firm who have experience handling any kind of contract dispute and can successfully mediate issues before they escalate into full-fledged litigation.