Homeowners Association Lawyer

Many neighborhoods throughout the Valley are part of Homeowner Associations, commonly referred to as “HOAs.”   Many times, these HOAs contain rules and regulations which dictate what a homeowner can and cannot do with his/her property and collect assessments to assist the HOA’s landscaping, maintenance, and capital expenditure obligations.  While most homeowners live in harmony with their HOA, there are times where disputes arise between homeowners and HOAs.   Many times these disputes arise from allegations of breaking a rule or regulation; non-payment of regular assessments; or the imposition of penalties and fines.   Whether you are a homeowner or a member of an HOA Board, a Homeowners association lawyer The Peddy Berg Law Firm can help you navigate through the various statues and governing documents of the HOA.

Throughout her career, Attorney Peddy Berg has assisted a number of homeowners in disputes with their HOAs.  Some of these disputes have involved challenging the decision of the HOA’s architectural review board, and a decision of the HOA Board to impose fines and/or penalties for allegedly breaking the HOA’s rules and regulations.  Other disputes involve challenging a Board’s decision to limit a homeowner’s right to vote, a Board’s decision to impose a special assessment or increase assessments or challenge the validity of a Board election.  Additionally, Attorney Peddy Berg has represented countless homeowners in settling disputes and/or lawsuits initiated by HOAs to collect past due assessments, many times for amounts less than what is claimed owed.

Likewise, Attorney Peddy Berg has also represented a number of HOAs during her extensive career as a homeowners association lawyer.  Whether it be simply to provide advice regarding the interpretation of the HOA’s Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs); attend Board meetings and/or provide advice on a particular course of action proposed by the HOA Board; initiate legal action to enforce the CC&Rs; draft and record liens for unpaid assessments; or initiate lien foreclosure suits to recover unpaid assessments, Attorney Peddy Berg will diligently and aggressively represent her HOA clients and their interests.

Attorney Peddy Berg has extensive experience as a Homeowners Association Lawyer.  So whether you are a homeowner having an issue with your HOA, or you represent an HOA in need of high-quality and affordable representation, contact The Peddy Berg Law Firm, PLLC online or by calling 480-382-3109 to schedule a consultation.