Contract Law

If you are searching for a contract attorney to draft or review your contract, look no more.   The Peddy Berg Law Firm has extensive experience in reviewing and drafting a variety of legal contracts. Jennifer Peddy Berg’s experience as a trial attorney, litigating cases involving contract interpretation for several years, affords her particular insight into how contracts should be drafted to reduce the potential for future disputes over contract interpretation.    Let The Peddy Berg Law Firm put this experience to work for you.

When creating legal contracts, it is extremely important that every detail and possibility is considered, to protect you from any disputes that may come up in the future.   And should a dispute arise, having a well-drafted contract could help you avoid a lengthy court battle; saving you thousands of dollars in fees and costs, while also sparing you from the stress caused by messy court battles.

The Peddy Berg law firm has substantial experience in reviewing and drafting a variety of legal contracts, including:

  • Construction Contracts;
  • Partnership Agreements;
  • Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Operating Agreements;
  • Buy-sell Agreements;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Stock Option Agreements;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements;
  • Non-Compete Agreements;
  • Real Estate Contracts (including purchase contracts, and addendums);
  • Short Sale Agreements;
  • Deed in Lieu Agreements;
  • Financing Agreements, including Promissory Notes;
  • Leases (commercial and residential);
  • Service Contracts;
  • Vendor Agreements;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Licensing Agreements;
  • Settlement Agreements

Let the contract attorneys at The Peddy Berg Law Firm help protect you, your business, and your financial security by drafting, reviewing, enforcing, and defending your contracts.  If you need an experienced contract attorney, please contact The Peddy Berg Law Firm online or by calling (480) 382-3109.